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  THE HAPPY TAIL is the most versatile board there is! The magic of the kicktail sparkles under your feet at first contact: the "W" concave extends to the kicktail for a supreme fixation when doing some rad manual slides! Going fast? The Happy Tail is on the spot with just the right amount of concave to give you all the confidence you need when going down steep hills.

With all the happiness it transmits, why is it so affordable? The Happy Tail is the first Rotule board without composite fibers! Nevertheless, it is still built with our supernatural epoxy and kevlar powder based formula. This board exceeds common wood glue built models: it offers more impact resistance and there is no chances for it to twist (warp) or delaminate! Here is your chance to get yourself high quality for an unbeatable price!
Purpose : Freeride
Composites : Maple core + Maple finish
Layers : 9 (5/8")
Length : 39.5"
Width : 9.75"
Wheelbase : 25.25", 25.5", 25.75"
Weight : 5.5 lbs (2.75 kg)
$ 145.00
board only
create a complete board
Jessup grip tape coarse included 
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