Warranty (1 YEAR)

Rotule covers all Rotule brand longboards skateboard for a year. We know our decks are strong and durable, and we are not afraid to back this up. We have always did everything to keep our customers satisfied.

The warranty covers:

Any delaminations, cracks or splits that affects the ablility of the board to be ridden properly is under warranty. We mean that a very small delam, if ever it happens, won't be covered if it is less that an inch and stays like that over time. 

We give a year warranty, but even after that, we would replace a board that would have any manufacture defects. If the deck is not trash to death and a delamination is getting out of control, we will help you.

But anyhow, stay confident. There are some 4 years old Desert Eagles around that have been trash pretty bad and they are holding up perfectly.